Club Update and Weekly Training Plans for the Week of Saturday 28th January

Dear All

I am writing my first post straight onto the new website – It’s very exciting!  As usual there will be a bit of news first, with training plans at the end of the Newsletter!

Firstly thank you Andy G and Graeme for this great site – I hope everyone is starting to use it.  I love it! The Events page is fabulous – you can browse events and click on the ones that you have entered so that others can see who is going.

Talking of Events: The Blenheim 7km Run (with kids 1 mile Fun run) is open for entries:

Please note that the date is actually SUNDAY 7th May (not the 14th as advertised on our Events page.. (Andy please can we change this??!).  This does mean that is clashes with Jon’s epic Welsh 3000 mountain adventure… which is a pity.  But, as with everything TriHard, we can’t  always do everything!

But if you are not signed up to join Jon on his two day trek up 14 peaks with rough camping… then the Blenheim 7k is for you!  It is a lovely fun run suitable for all ages and abilities and there is a 1 mile run for kids too.  To enter please click on the ‘Home‘ link below and follow the instructions (Don’t forget to click on the event too on our ‘events page’ to let others know that you are doing it!)

Last year we entered a TriHard team into the 7k… and we came first (got a lovely little trophy).  If you are keen to do this again please let me know asap and I will set up a team again (email  me on my usual email address


Circuits is back to the usual time tonight of 6.30pm in the Village Hall.  Hope to see you all there.  There will be a run as usual on Saturday morning at 7.30am from the PostOffice and we shall attempt the Windrush Path to the Thames and run back from Northmoor.

To follow Jon’s Iron Man training plans don’t forget you can also view the TriHard Face book Page:

There is a link straight to this facebook group at the bottom of our Website home page!  There is also a New TriHards Twitter Feed!! I have absolutely no idea what this means… one thing at a time (I need another lesson Andy!)

Anyone with a dog will love this article (Dogs are so much better at running than us humans and this explains why!):

7 Ways My Dog is a Better Runner than Me

Take care out there everyone on the ice – stay safe and run and cycle indoors on treadmills if you can !  Hope to see you all soon.


Saturday 28th Jan
RUN – Meet Standlake postoffice 7.30am for a 1 hour run…
Lane swimming at the Carterton Better Pool! 5.30pm Email the group for lift sharing
Lane swimming at the Witney Better Pool! 8.30pm Email the group for lift sharing.  I will be driving this week so let me know if you would like a ride!
Tuesday – Thursday.  Head torch runs with Celina.  Meet 5.15am at Celina’s – Lancott Lane.
Meet 9.30am.  Yew Tree Farm. Abingdon Road. Standlake
CIRCUITS 6.30pm Standlake Village hall. £1 entry.


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